lead developer

of MyCart.net (Web Based eCommerce Solution)
  • Employed: Aug 2006 to October 2011
  • Maintained over 30 3rd party  integrations into the MyCart.net Ecommerce System
  • Actively maintained a code base which included .Net, XML, JavaScript, Flash/Flex, …
  • Technical Strategies included; Threading, Object Oriented Design, Tier’ed Security, Load Balancing & Performance Optimization, RESTful Web Services, Custom Encryption
  • PCI-DSS Compliant eCommerce System
  • Conducted a financial analysis on the MyCart Solution. After presenting my analysis I implemented a full data center migration saving over $9,600 monthly, removing single points of failure, increasing redundancy, and increasing the overall performance of the application
  • Solely responsible for 24-hour support and uptime of 11 production Web and SQL servers as well as all the software applications and web services being ran on them
  • Oversaw all technical aspects of the company, including server administration, application development, network security, graphic design, and custom development related to specific customer needs
3rd Party Integrations including PayPal, Elavon, T-Sys, DHL, UPS, etc
Merchants using the Platform 24/7
Daily Transactions
Years being solely responsible for this platform

Key Projects

Retail Store Mangement Platform

I designed and architected a solution for Sprint's Retail Store Management process. This platform managed business case validation, 6 stages of internal approval, implementation, termination, and operational management of all store locations.

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Network Migration and Financial Analysis

I presented a Business Case to CEO, which was ultimately approved. Aspects included project plan, cost analysis, reduction in technical debt, modern architecture, and road-map for long term scaling.

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About MyCart.net
Company overview

MyCart.net  is an E-commerce web application with over 400 active stores processing 300 to 500 orders a day. The software solution was geared for small to mid-size businesses, and served as a full featured CMS and eCommerce system. The solution was fully PCI-DSS Compliant that contained 30+ API’s integrated into it’s custom code base. (ASP.Net, SQL, Flash, Flex 3, XML, Javascript, ASP Classic, VB Executables, …)

MyCart.net was sold and shutdown in 2017.


My position at SureMerchant LLC involves many responsibilities. I lead all software development, as well as serving as the Systems Administrator of all our production servers, specifically +7 IIS Web Servers, and +4 SQL Servers. I’m 100% responsible for the up time of this system, any time an outage occurs I’m the first level of response, and in this situation it is my duty to immediately address the issue to minimize any down time. For the majority of my employment at SureMerchant LLC I have been the only employee with any coding experience. When large projects need additional employees, I am responsible for interviewing, hiring, and managing these new team members.

SureMerchant LLC is a small business and during my time there we staffed a maximum of 6 people and at our fewest I was the only full time employee. I think this detail is important to understand both the breathe of my technical experience but also to understand my ability to work under a very high amount of pressure.

Software Development

  • Server Side
  • ASP.Net - Entity Framework, Web Forms
  • ASP Classic
  • PHP
  • Client Side
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Database
  • MS-SQL
  • PosgreSQL
  • MySQL

Systems Administration

  • Network
  • Load Balancing
  • SubNet Configuration
  • Routing
  • Servers
  • Full Build Outs (Windows and Ubuntu)
  • Apache
  • IIS
  • Security
  • Active Directory
  • SSL application and Off Loading

Business Operations Support

  • Frontline and Technical Support for all Customers
  • Sale Engineer role for prospective Clients
  • POC Build Outs based on Customer Designs
  • Time and Material Quoting for custom development as needed