Senior Solutions Architect

  • Employed: October 2011 to January 2015
  • Formal Management of Application Development Team (4 team members)
  • Senior Developer role for all in house development
  • Administrator to a variety of enterprise platforms including SharePoint, Federated Identity Manager, Service 
Manager, WordPress and numerous others
  • Wrote & Managed multiple RFP’s (award process, contract 
negotiation, and implementation) and SOW’s totaling over $2M.
  • Lead integration with a variety of systems focusing around the Student Information System, Finance System, and HR System
  • Lead numerous technical committees consisting of C-Level staff as well as give regular board presentations
  • Lead many projects with contractors where I was responsible for the all 
deliverables, accuracy, change management, and overall cost

Key Projects

CMS Vulnerability Mitigation

I created a middle-ware solution to mitigate a security hole with our 3rd party CMS. This solution allowed the district to maintain the security integrity of our Active Directory while at the same time authenticating our users with the 3rd party CMS.

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Mobile Application

Oversaw all aspects of the creation of a mobile application for 70,000 user base. This included authoring the RFP, resource management, and the creation of over 60 RESTful API EndPoints.

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Enterprise Web Replacement

Lead all aspects of the District's migration to SharePoint as a public facing Web Platforms. 36 uniquely branded sub sites, 70,000 user base.

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About the Blue Valley School District
Organization Overview

Blue Valley Schools is committed to examining multiple perspectives and working to prepare all members of the Blue Valley community to thrive in a diverse world. The district's diversity team leads Blue Valley's efforts toward culturally responsive schools. This work was affirmed when The Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council awarded The Table of Faiths Award to Blue Valley Schools for 2016. The award recognizes an organization that is visible in the community, is making a positive difference in building relationships with diverse religious groups and promotes a pluralistic vision.

  • K-12 Enrollment: ~22,000
  • Staff: ~3,200
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  • Implemented a standard documentation structure, coding standards, and a requirement’s gathering processes related to various stakeholders and custom solutions.
  • I trained staff and regularly lead both meetings and presentations with C-Level staff.


  • I also serve as Senior Developer for the District and manage all custom code development across a number of different platforms and languages.
  • Point of Authority for PCI-DSS Compliancy and all software where monetary transactions take place.
  • Audited current contract and renegotiated a low rate with a new payment gateway to save over $20,000 annually in fees, I also led the implementation of that new payment gateway.


  • The Web Committee was formed to govern the various web technologies used by the District. This Committee consisted of various executive level staff, specifically, Deputy Superintendent, Chief Information Officer, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Assistant Superintendent.
  • Authored RFP 13017
  • Authored RFP 13030
  • Lead all activities by the Committee related to RFP Assessments