About Me


I love technology, and I mean it. My career is based on Web and Cloud Technologies, hobbies include Raspberry Pi, Arduino (I helped write a book) & IoT, and Linux Desktop Environments. The non-stop change and innovation are a passion and never a hindrance.

skiing at copper mountain in 2018


In my free time, I love to compete. I play lots of team sports and challenge myself by training for various events (Tough Mudder, Bill Synder 1/2 Marathon, KC 1/2 Marathon, etc). The training and commitment give me a great sense of who I am and the confidence to stand up to a challenge professionally.

Interesting Bits

I ran the "tough mudder" in 2017


I place a very high value on people and my relationships with them. I believe that everyone has a unique skill set and the ability to bring value to any project. I lead by placing trust, clear ownership, and open honest communication with any members of my team. Setting a challenging goal and measuring progress is a powerful approach to reaching success.
family picture from 2019