Boards, Committees, and Volunteer Work

Board Member

Noah's Bandage Project
Laurie Enneking - Linked In Profile
November 2022 to Present
Helping to end childhood cancer through awareness, support, and the gift of hope. I help Noah's Bandage Project by personal advocacy from life experience, technical expertise, and volunteering.

Board Member

All Creatures Animal Hospital
Dr. Cory Bassett, DVM – cory.bassett@allcreaturesks.com
October 2016 to Present
I contribute to this board by way of alignment of technology strategy to support business operations, marketing, and innovation for the Animal Hospital.

Committee Member

Technology Advisory Committee - Blue Valley School District
Brian Daley - Linked In Profile
August 2016 to August 2018
I contributed to this committee by providing feedback on a number of District-wide initiatives for the Blue Valley Schools focusing on Technical Strategy, utilization of Open Source Platforms, Security, and Student / Staff User Interaction on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet.


Center for Advanced Professional Studies
Greg DeYoung - Linked In Profile
October 2012 to January 2014
I mentor groups of student enrolled in the CAPS program at the Blue Valley School District whose project related to software development and application architecture.

Pro Bono Development

Denver Kickers
Jerry O’Grady – jerryog55@q.com
April 2012 to May 2013
Pro bono Project where I created a custom WordPress Site, migrated content, and trained administrators for the Denver Kickers Soccer Club and Cultural Organization. I continue to provide free consulting on all web technologies for this organization.

Pro Bono Consulting

Cresis Research Center
Dr. Thomas Overly – thomas.overly@gmail.com
October 2016 to November 2018
Developed Modeling Diagrams for large amounts of data compiled by researchers related to Ice Sheets and their movement in Greenland. Emphasis in interactive charting using Adobe Flex and XML.