mobile application


  • Mobile Application for iOS and Android
  • Project Cost: $60,000
  • Project Duration: March 2014 to October 2014
  • Full oversight over project. Lead / Authored RFP, Deliverable Acceptance, and Integration
  • Built by the West Corporation

Project Details

The BV Mobile application creates a single unified location for parents and students to access and be notified about information from the Blue Valley School District specific to that user’s unique preferences. This information includes dynamic calendar and directory information for each school and it’s staff. The application also includes quick access to all school and district websites as well as a link to access the Student Information System for the District.

I was responsible for this project from it’s initial requirements, through the RFP writing and award process, to it’s implementation. The application was developed by the West Corporation and I was the key point of the contact for the project. My team was also responsible for any system integration between internal Blue Valley Systems and the mobile application itself. This includes creating and managing a variety of API end points as well as flat file uploads. I developed over 60+ independent RSS feeds consumed by the mobile application to feed contextual data to our parents and students.