Financial Analysis & Migration

I presented a Business Case to CEO, which was ultimately approved to migrate our production locally hosted data center to virtualized cloud hosting environment. Aspects included project plan, cost analysis, reduction in technical debt, modern architecture, and road-map for long term scaling.
Lines of Code Written
Single points of failure in Production Architecture Removed
5 Months
Duration of Project
Budget for the Project

Financial Analysis

Ran a cost analysis of all aspects of Sure Merchant LLC (including the MyCart.net System) with an emphasis in the cost surrounding the technical aspects of the business. I mapped the topology of the network, taking specific interest in any equipment that was under lease, outdated, posed a risk to PCI Compliance, or represented a single point of failure which would put the business at risk. After which, I presented options to reduce the overall cost of the business while at the same time making it more stable.

Data Center Migration

My research related to the Cost Analysis resulted in the migration of the network infrastructure to a virtual cloud based solution hosted by GSI (now Layered Tech). This migration resulted in a saving of $9,500 monthly, provided greater redundancy in both power systems and Internet Connectivity, and allowed us to achieve full Compliance with PCI standards. I lead all aspects of this migration, specifically I rebuilt all servers on a VM-Ware platform from our older blade server solution (it was not possible to do a VM Snapshot of our blade servers, as the Melio File System on the Dell Blade Servers was not compatible, thus I built each one manually). I verified all connectivity for over 30 3rd party components, for example, Authorize.net, UPS, Elavon, PayPal ect. I configured all IIS Sites, Migrated all SQL Servers, and handled all the DNS changes (both for testing and at the time of the IP cut over). I then personally testing and QC’ed the entire system, finally managing the cut over to the new system.