Federated  Platform

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I led the launch of this new Line of Business, executed +15 on-site external client integrations (over 35 currently) with Cable Operators, was responsible for all technical and operational aspects of the project, and maintained the board level financial model.

Ultimately, hired staff to oversee operations as this effort was accepted as a stable business unit. I retain management of all technical decisions and related staff.
Cable Operators integrated into the platform
Retail Customers using the platform
Physical Set Top Boxes installed in the home
years before becoming a cash positive line of business

Project Overview

Very simply put, this platform allows NCTC's Members (Cable Operators) to deploy a white-labeled version of TiVo called VU-IT at a dramatically reduced cost. Providing those Cable Operators with a way to make revenue on their video product while reducing the risk to losing a customer whose only video consumption is a traditional QAM signal.

This Federated solution to allow cable companies to provide “Over the Top” services with integrated traditional cable services. It is a unified solution that links multiple companies to a single platform which communicates to TiVo.

Presentation I gave to 8 newly launched Cable Operators to the platform in Tacoma, WA. Audience was about 50 people and included roles such as Warehouse Technician, Installer, Developers, Operations Managers, and Executive Sponsors.
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My Role

  • Federated Middleware platform that unifies Cable Operators Billing Systems with TiVo Provisioning APIs for a fraction of the costs of a direct agreement with TiVo.
  • Lead all facets of the program including operations, support, and integration, as well as, developed multiple customer-facing portals (B2C, B2B)
  • Responsible for all mobile applications and mobile store submissions (iOS & Android)
  • Part of the NCTC team which presented initial business case and value proposition to executive level staff.
  • Principally responsible for all aspects of the Platform. Including new business, vetting new features, partner integration, customer integration, operational uptime, SOW engagements, sale engineering role, all budget activities.
  • Directly involved with enforcing integrity of financial model per Board of Directors. Includes reporting / quoting costs related to integraiton, operation support, adhoc support, etc.
  • I have been involved in this project since the inception
  • PreLaunch Phase – I was part of the initial team which built the platform, defined requirements, integrated Operations. This team consisted of a mix of NCTC Resources and Consulting Resources. I coded a number of customer facing tools and integrations during this phase.
  • Go-Live Early Phase – I supported the integration and launch of new customers, on site integration testing, sale engineering role, large scale presentations & training, writing / enforcing SOW, and definition of SOP.
  • Go-Live Mature Phase – I retain full oversight of the platform to date. Hired and trained permanent resources to support the platform. All technical resources report to me and I serve in a management and leadership role. I regularly report to NCTC Executive level with set KPIs
  • My team is responsible for the Operation UpTime of this platform to support +40 Member Cable Companies

Highlights of an Executive Operations Review